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25% more customers in 2022

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traditional sales & marketing tactics don't work on today's b2b buyers.

84% of b2b buyers start with peer referrals

Are your customers RECOMMENDING your company or ASKING for a referral?

90% of b2b Buying decisions are influcenced by peers

What your end users think about your services is massive.

76% of b2b buyers perfer vendors recommended by peers

Do your end users recommend you to people in their networks?

Yet B2B Office Tech Solutions companies spend nearly 80% of their time & money chasing strangers!

This approach grew my business from $3 million in annual sales to over $12 million in just 12 months.

My first B2B business was selling products into retail stores, and the challenges were the same as yours…


The products we sold were the same as our competitors, a commodity.


Why would they buy from me when they could buy from larger competitors with bigger budgets, better known names in the industry?


Major customers wouldn’t talk to me. We were stuck doing small business with small customers.


One day I took a peek at our unsold inventory and saw a trend. The unsold inventory was all similar. 


But so were the items we were selling like crazy.


So I focused everything I did on what the end users were really buying…and why.


The next month we sold out every item we could ship. Our customers couldn’t reorder fast enough!


Our small customers told the buyers at larger customers about our success…and the big fish came to US!


The difference between us and all of our competition is that we were truly hyper focused on end user experience…an experience that the bigger vendors couldn’t deliver.


Over the next 12 months our little $3m biz blew up to $12m in annual sales!

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